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Sep 5, 2021

The National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) expresses its categorical rejection of the visit by ultra-right, fascist and Francoist Carlos Abascal Conde, leader of the conservative VOX party, who was invited to the Senate by the National Action Party.

Since its founding in 2013, VOX has been known for being a racist, homophobic, anti-immigrant, intolerant, and violence-prone party that attacks anyone who thinks differently. It’s worth recalling an incident earlier this year in which they were participants in attacking, harassing, and threatening the leader of PODEMOS and his family with death.

We condemn the sowing of hatred, racism, social polarization, and neocolonial acts in our country. These expressions occurred in an event that promoted the signing of the “Madrid Charter”, which proclaims a commitment to and an ideological declaration that attacks the most vulnerable sectors of our country such as women, indigenous people, Afro-Mexicans, and the LGBTI population.

It is cause for concern that at a time when Mexico is fighting to put an end to violence and a democratic government is being established, which vindicates our history and identity, an attempt is being made to import deeply aggressive and colonialist ideas, such as those advocated by VOX in questioning women’s rights, promoting conversion therapies, parental veto of sex education, and encouraging policies based on intolerance.

Morena promotes freedom of expression, respect for human rights, individual guarantees, and the sovereignty of the people and therefore we reject anything that would undermine democracy, as well as actions that involve justifications for violence and fascism.


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