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Immigration reform: how many more years of inaction?

Ene 17, 2022
immigration reform

Immigration reform: how many more years of inaction?

Immigration reform, for now, has been pushed aside. And with this, the American immigration system continues to show that it is already outdated, it continues to show that Democrats have failed to fulfill their campaign promises, and that Republicans (with some exceptions) maintain the same prejudices towards undocumented immigrants.

For their part, immigrants and their allies continue to do their part. In the midst of the pandemic, the protest and social mobilization around the general demand for “legalization, now!” have not stopped.

Elizabeth MacDonough

Another year goes by without any type of immigration reform, and the new excuse that the Democratic party has today for not being able to approve it, has a first and last name, it is called Elizabeth MacDonough. “The parliamentarian,” whose role in the Senate is a kind of almighty that decides what can and what cannot be considered for discussion and possible approval. And, let it be said, Joe Manchin (Democrat), who not only intended to destroy the hope of immigration reform this year, but also tore down the entire Build Back Better (BBB) package that included a reform to the immigration system.

What happened recently was disappointing from where you look at it. It was disappointing to see how one person, for whom no one voted for, has the power to overturn a proposal endorsed by dozens of senators, by more than 200 representatives, by the President of the United States, and by millions of people who support the wellbeing and the dignity of immigrants.

It was disappointing to see the “we were so close” story repeat itself. As it has also been disappointing to see that not even a small, conservative and exclusionary reform, such as the one that the Democrats managed to pass in the House of Representatives, could go on its way to be discussed and potentially be approved by the Senate.

However, people should not be discouraged, they should continue to transform the feeling of anger and collective frustration into actions aimed at putting pressure, until achieving an immigration reform that benefits everyone.

immigration reform

In conclusion, one more year is going by and there hasn’t been a bit of justice for immigrants. Democrats continue to fall short of their promise of immigration reform while Republicans foolishly continue to believe that deportation and a wall are the solution.

How many more years of inaction?

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