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Feb 5, 2022
Biden Immigration Reform

Is Joe Biden fulfilling his promise about immigration reform? Not really.

Trump left the presidency about a year ago, and with him, he took his farce, his so-called “America for Americans.” After Biden stepped into his place, he did put a stop to the construction of the expensive and inhumane border wall. However, after a year at the helm of the presidency, his promises of “we are going to approve an immigration reform” have not yet become a reality.

immigration reform

While nothing is being done in Washington D.C., undocumented immigrants continue to live with the uncertainty of being deported at any moment. Meanwhile, immigrants awaiting deportation can spend months confined under inhumane conditions in one of the various so-called “detention centers” that are scattered throughout the United States. These detention centers are at high risk for spreading Covid-19 or other infectious diseases, which increases the chances of death for the most vulnerable immigrants. 

 Family members and friends are also impacted by the imprisonment and subsequent deportation of their loved ones. The detention and deportation system is an injustice not only for those who are unjustly imprisoned but all of those whose lives they touch.

Immigrants cannot wait forever for the president and whatever political party happens to be in power to act. This is where the importance of social mobilization and collective pressure comes in. Politicians will not get their act together to approve a truly broad immigration reform without constant pressure from the masses. 

en espera de una reforma migratoria

All undocumented immigrants deserve legalization. The great majority of immigrants did not come here to commit crimes but to build a better life for their families. They dedicate themselves to work (or study), and many have put down roots in the United States and have families where most, or all, are US citizens. The fight will continue for legalization until justice is served, regardless of who is in power.

Marco I. Dávila C. | Email: maidaca85@gmail.com | Facebook: Ixtli Amoxtli | Instagram: @xmiraza | Twitter: @pormiraza1


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