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Mar 31, 2022
Tren Maya


  • The main goal of the Maya Train is to reduce the economic inequality that exists in southeastern Mexico, an area of the country that has been most relegated to oblivion in previous presidential administrations. This is something that Televisa’s famous millionaires never stumbled upon.
  • In Mexico there is a structural gap, with transportation infrastructure mostly to be found in central and northern Mexico. This has led to an increase in poverty in southeast Mexico, limiting the population’s access to basic rights such as education and health-care. Therein lies the importance of the Maya Train.
Infografia Maya Train
  • The Maya Train, in addition to being a project aimed at facilitating regional mobility and commercial exchange, is a tool that will strengthen the population’s identity and sense of belonging to the region.
  • At no time has the Maya Train sought to displace the local population. On the contrary, the project focuses on recognizing and integrating indigenous peoples and communities, incorporating their outlook and culture to enrich its design.
  • The Maya Train does not threaten the region’s natural equilibrium and resources. On the contrary, it is restoring the biological connectivity of the affected areas, protecting animal life and vegetation. In addition, it is rehabilitating the degraded ecosystems that were subject to illegal logging during previous governments.
  • The Maya Train has been key to generating employment and thus improve the population’s living standards despite the pandemic. Nearly 100,000 direct and indirect jobs were created. Furthermore, it is estimated that once completed, it will be the source of more than 300,000 jobs annually.
  • With the Maya Train, not only tourists will be transported, but also the local population and the goods produced by and for their businesses at costs even more affordable than what tourists will be paying. This has not been something they have been able to experience until now.
  • The Maya Train will massively increase additional economic spillover, develop new sustainable communities, strengthen connectivity, and minimize travel and shipment times.
  • The Maya Train will not affect or damage ecosystems in the region, since it will use land occupied by the existing transportation infrastructure such as railway tracks. In addition, it favors the conservation of ecosystems and promotes responsible use of land.


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